sabato 1 novembre 2008

"Mushrooms in Rome" 8-9 nov Decima Malafede Reserve

In the Decima Malafede natural Rome Reserve, the WWF group XII active and "Rome Group Micologico Mushrooms and mycology - member group Micologico G. Bresadola of Trento, in collaboration with the ATI nympha Pangea-New-Agriculture, organize the third exhibition mycology "Mushrooms in Rome" dedicated to mushrooms in the area of countryside.

During the exhibition, organized with fresh material, some experts mycology
will be available to visitors for ratings, and curiosity
explanations about mushrooms and their biology.

Sunday morning at 10 am will be the tour "The fascinating
world of Mushroom and their role in "

Torre di Perna, via Valle di Perna 315 (New Coop.Agricoltura) Saturday, 8 and
Sunday November 9, 2008 - hours 10-17
For information:
E-mail: decima.malafede @

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